brief introduction of cnpo

as an industry-leader in the field of npp operationand maintenance services in china, china nuclear power operation technologycorporation, ltd. (cnpo) is dedicated to guaranteeing the safe, reliable andeconomic operation of nuclear power plants throughout the lifecycle for bothdomestic and international customers.cnpo was set up in 2007 and merged to cnnpin 2017, with a mission of r&d and services for nppo&m.cnpo has its headquarter and several r&d laboratories in wuhan. toprovide in-time and efficient services,cnpo has established 4 branch companiesin china and 1 localofficein pakistan beside the npp site.

technical capabilities of cnpo consist of 5different categories, including engineering services, field services,simulation,operation management support and products supply.

engineering services:

cnpo has obtained the nuclear pressurevessel design license issued by nnsa and established various thermo-hydraulictest facilities with different functions and capacities. in engineering area,cnpo has rich experience of design, v&v, modification, supervision, ageingmanagement, and structure integrity analysis of nuclear equipment, as well aslife extension of npp.

field services:

cnpo is the largest in-service inspectionvendor in nuclear industry of china, providing full scope pre-serviceinspection and in-service inspection for most npps of different utilities basedon its world level technology. meanwhile, cnpo focuses on specific maintenanceof npp, including refueling service, maintenance & sludge lancing of steamgenerator and valve diagnostics & overhauling.


cnpo is also the strongest simulatordeveloper in china. cnpo owns advanced simulation platform-rinsim withindependent research and design and technical capability of developing 5 nppfull scope simulator simultaneously. cnpo also provides the product of v&vsimulator, pc based simulator and virtual reality simulation software for differentusers.

operation management support

cnpo is not only a company for providingservices to npp and other industry customers, but also a technical supportorganization to nuclear industry administrative department of of operation management support mainly include operation assessment,experience feedback, and training of reactor operator, etc.

products supply:

except for services, cnpoprovides hardwareand software for npp o&m to meet the demands of different customers, suchas maintenance tools, nde equipment and probes, engineering software andtraining mockups.